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Welcome to Kina Software Systems

Kina Software is a small consulting company that specializes in Microsoft Office Programming. Our design goals revolve around your business goals, whatever they may be. You may want the ability to track complex numeric data, create financial reports, and make evidence-based assessments of your business's effectiveness.

The applications we develop are designed to be user-friendly, affordable, reliable, and offer immediate utility to the business professional. Our approach to software development is collaborative, practical, and time-tested. We are firm believers in the importance of sustainable business practices.

We invite you to comment on our efforts and offer any design suggestions related to your specific requirements, with no obligation whatsoever. Contact us if you have any questions, comments, or requests.

Typical Assignments

Kina Software Systems offers custom software solutions for your needs. Some typical assignments and industries served include:

  • Sales Analytics in Excel for Large Retailers
  • Simulations linked to Access and Google Maps for US Pharmaceutical supply-chain modeling
  • Performance enhancements for Engineering Mechanics applications
  • Sales Tracking database development for CondeNast
  • Dynamic Query Builder (with a User Interface) in Access for a Human Resources Database

Microsoft Access Database We've all heard the bad news: Data is piling up everywhere and professionals have been tasked to make sense of it all, and quickly. Your budget is lean, so how do you get the most bang for your buck? Consider a custom Access database - Your business rules, your data, your reports, all on your desktop.

Microsoft ExcelThis is the premier spreadsheet for the business community and for a good reason: it's powerful and easy to get started with. Offering many built-in analysis tools ( for example, fast views of totals, averages, maximums, and minimums), Excel typically starts as a small grid of numbers with a chart or 2, but always seems to grow with your data processing needs .

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